Settle only for best in Manhattan Garden City in Araneta Center, Cubao. Another Megaworld suburban development,  a garden-inspired condominium community in quezon city that offers a glimpse of nature's most splendid gifts is at hand.Rising at the country's first leisure and lifestyle complex.
This residential project features a hectare of lush landscapes that will make one take in a breath-taking environment in the comforts of their home. A scenic fountain plaza fronting terraced residences will welcome you to a completely different sense of abode. As the first transit-oriented community, you may also make your pace light as you stroll on your way to work or school, treading the 729 meter garden walkway which will interconnect Manhattan garden City's 18 condominium towers to the MRT-3 and LRT-2 Cubao Stations.


Available size of  units in Manhattan Plaza :

30.00 sqm. studio with balcony               
37.50 sqm. studio with balcony             
54.40 sqm. 1 bedroom with balcony     
63.00 sqm. 1 bedroom with balcony     
75.90 sqm. 2 bedroom with balcony       
85.00 sqm. 2 bedroom with balcony      
94.90 sqm. 2 bedroom with balcony      
104.70 sqm. 2 bedroom with balcony     
37.00 sqm. studio with balcony 
41.00 sqm. 1 bedroom with balcony
55.30 sqm. 1 bedroom
68.70 sqm. 2 bedroom with balcony
80.00 sqm. 2 bedroom with balcony
86.70 sqm. 2 bedroom with balcony
102.00 sqm. 1 bedroom with balcony
109.70 sqm. 2 bedroom with balcony 


*Total Price with rebate
*32% Down Payment payable in 48 months
*68% Turn over Balance thru bank or in-house financing
*Post dated checks required to avail the P 25,000 rebate
*Reservation Fee is P 15,000.00 deducted to down payment 
*Requirement is 2 valid Identification Cards




                         FIRST FLOOR PLAN                      5TH TO 37TH FLOOR PLAN

                                38th & 39th FLOOR

40th and 41st FLOOR